Overall Concept
Heliosphere introduces a hybrid concept that ensures that the physically present audience and the online audience can equally participate in a debate. For this the most advanced spacial and technical concepts are applied.

Spacial Concepts
Heliosphere debates are circular in nature. The debate evolves around a circular table at which the main debate takes place. Around the main table the physically present audience sits in a circle. Depending on the configuration typically four chairs are placed around the round table. One chair is kept open for audience members form the outer circle to join (swap) in. The online audience joins the debate virtually via a 360 degree camera and either via Videostream or commenting to partake in the debate.

Artificial Intelligence Dashboard 
To ensure the debate is fair and transparent state of the art Machine Learning based on Speech-to-Text and Natural Language Programming (NLP) is applied. This ensures the audience and the moderator is informed about speaking time, speaking gender, sentiment, most mentioned topics etc. 

Privacy and Ethics
Compliant with GDPR HELIOSPHERE does not use or store any personal data. All analysis is anonymous and all participants are informed about filming and/or voice recording.


Camera: Insta360

The 360 Camera is used in the offline setting during the debate to provide a 360 feeling for the online audience

Microphone: RØDE

The microphone is positioned in the middle of the round discussion table. It records the conversation for analysis from the AI module

Edge Computing: Raspberry Pi 4

The Raspberry Pi receives audio from the microphone. The AI module is on the Raspberry for quick analysis