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21st Century AI-Empowered Debating

The Heliosphere Project is a AI-Empowered Hybrid Virtual Debating Chamber. It’s mission is to facilitate a Fair, Transparent and Inclusive debate in line with the core values of Deliberative Democracy. It implements a powerful AI interface that indicates Fake News, Topic Sentiment and Bias. It implements a hybrid spatial concept empowering a debate to be held both digitally and physically. By using state of the art avatar and camera technology a high level of inclusiveness is provided for participants that can‘t be present in the physical space.

BOOK CLUB: Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World

hosted by Science Gallery Dublin


hosted by Science Gallery Dublin

Would you swap your partner with a Robot designed to be ‘the one’?

TCD PROBE 2019, hosted by Trinity College Dublin

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hosted by Escola Massana, Barcelona